WorldCard Team -Basic Edition Activation Card

Business Card Management Solution Made for Small Enterprise

MSRP: $120


Product Overview

This package includes a WorldCard Team Basic Edition activation card for 2-users 1 year license. (Paper license only, without scanner.)
WorldCard Team Basic Edition provides a secure contact management system for small and medium enterprises. Online registration to get business card management services quickly! Let team staffs save the trouble of building a server, with simple intuitive client software (Win/ Mac/ iOS/ Android/ Web) that can easily digitize business cards and synchronize them to the cloud server for centralized management and application.

Product Feature

  • This package includes a WorldCard Team Basic Edition activation card of 2 Users license for 1-year subscription. It is an economical and practical choice for a small team or supervisor and assistant. Software licenses of additional users can be purchased online.
  • Users can simply save contact information into smartphone and PC by scanning or capturing the business cards. PenPower’s best of the breed technology ensures extremely high recognition rates for 26 languages, such as English, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Italian, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, etc.
  • Managers are able to assign tedious scanning work to their assistants or secretaries. The contact data will be transferred to the manager’s account without leaving a copy in the assistant’s account after scanning. The contact data of WorldCard Team server can be also shared among groups of colleagues in a managed way.
  • Contacts are centrally managed and permanently stored in the company database. Individual user accounts and permissions can be set independently to ensure different levels of access rights. WorldCard Team also adopts encryption methods to keep all of the contact data safe while in transmission.
  • It's convenient for users to connect with WorldCard Team server and to access the contacts anytime anywhere. WorldCard Team provides an automatic backup function to prevent data loss. WorldCard Team can seamlessly integrate with Salesforce system by exporting the contacts to Salesforce and saving its users from manual entry of the contact data.

System Requirements

Windows 7 and above
Mac OS 10.12 and above
iOS 10 and above
Android 6 and above
Supported Browsers
Safari / Chrome / Firefox / QQ / Sogou / Edge / IE 11 and above
User Interface
English / Traditional Chinese / Simplified Chinese / Japanese/ Korean

Hardware Specifications

Dimensions : 8.66 x 4.48 x 0.78 inch (220 x 114 x 20 mm)
Weight : 0.04 lb (20 g)
In the Box
WorldCard Team Basic Edition Activation Card(1 year- 2users)